Most Sought-After Trade Services in Australia in 2021

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Trade recruitment in Australia is at its highest in 12 years! Keep scrolling to find out the trade services that are most in demand this year. 


Plumbers have been in high demand this year in 2021. This could be due to the increased number of people still working from home and using their sanitary and water services more regularly (it’s all that toilet paper, right?) Plumbers have not been short of work in recent times!


As bricklaying does not attract as many apprenticeships, there is a notable shortage of bricklayers in Australia. There has been an increase in the number of houses being built due to home builder grant opportunities, further increasing the demand for bricklayers. This skill shortage is even expected to increase timelines for houses being built in WA!


Like bricklaying, there is also a skill shortage of plasterers. The Number of plasterers in Australia has dropped by 25% this year! 


The Australian HomeBuilder grants and the first home owner grants have also surged the demand for general labour hire. The number of advertisements for labourers is up by 139.8 per cent this year!


Electricians who can install and repair air conditioning or refrigeration systems have been high in demand this year, as well. The increase of interest in solar energy systems and the need for electric vehicle charging stations have also increased the demand for skilled electricians. 

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