About Us

“Trade-Desk is a project we launched in 2021 to help connect consumers looking for the right tradespeople for their projects. We give tradespeople and consumers the ability to buy, sell and swap products and services through listings within our easy to use website. With Trade-Desk, consumers can get their projects completed quickly and without hassle. Tradespeople can find the jobs that they’re best qualified for, with better opportunities for leads. Tradespeople and businesses can showcase their skills and offer services through easy-to-create listings that are discoverable by a wide range of clients.”


Our Objectives

Trade-Desk was born from a company with over 30 years of experience within the construction industry. Trade-Desk offers the opportunity for better leads for tradies, and a job well done at the right price for people who need professional help.

At Trade-Desk, we aim to:

  • Connect tradespeople with the right projects to suit their skills
  • Allow people to execute big projects effectively with the help of the right people to get the job done
  • Help tradespeople find projects that suit their skillset and passion

Helping Businesses Connect With Their Customers

Our aim is to help businesses grow by providing an effective way to connect with the right clients. Don't just rely on word of mouth referrals. Be discovered by your audience with Trade-Desk. Never lose potential leads again with the ability to easily manage leads, on the go.

Finding the Right Tradespeople for any Project

People often struggle to find the right tradespeople to get the job done, and get it done right. Forget hours of online research and phone calls to find the most suitable business for your needs. Get all the information you need to make your decision in one place with Trade-Desk.


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